"ANDROS has a raw beauty, it's nature grounds you. It is an island that has quality in many ways; culturally, culinarily, architecturally, etc" says DAPHNE ILIAKI.

ANDROS island guide



ANDROS island: only two-hours or so by ferry from Rafina (he second port of ATHENS, GREECE). We ask our friend DAPHNE ILIAKI—fashion stylist, film costume designer, mother, and our go-to Athenian cool-girl—where to swim, and how to get lost in the wilderness of her favourite island.

What is it about ANDROS that you like so much?

I used to go to ANDROS in my early 20s cause some of my best friends have their summer houses there, but its really in recent years that I felt attracted to this island. I went off-season for a photo shoot with two friends, and one of them made me love the island even more as she has been visiting since she was a kid! ANDROS has a raw beauty, it's nature grounds you. It is an island that has "quality" in many ways, culturally, culinary, architecturally, etc.


"Hi! I'm DAPHNE, a human being from ATHENS, GREECE. I'm a mother of two (a baby boy and a dog girl), my profession is costume designing in movies, styling commercials, and styling and art directing for fashion brands."

What distinguishes ANDROS from other Greek islands?

What I like in ANDROS is it's rich nature, the beautiful walks, its an island full of water and I love the privacy of it, its a big island, you only get to bump into acquaintances on the boat and that's it, then we all spread and disappear vacationing.


"I always prefer more remote, unorganised beaches [such as] PLAKA, ACHLA, SINETI, VORI, ZORKOS ."

What are your favourite areas on the island and why?

I really like CHORA for its beautiful traditional aesthetics. Some beaches on the south-west, magical sunsets and cycladic views, blue water, wind, rocks and thyme bushes. And some beaches on the north part for their wilderness feel.

Where are your favourite places to swim?

I hate beach bars, this Bali-like aesthetic on Greek islands is just off, and loud bad music that's taken over so many otherwise beautiful beaches like Chalkolimnionas and Apothikes, so I always prefer more remote, unorganised ones. PLAKA, ACHLA, SINETI, VORI, ZORKOS and an organised one that was really helpful with a small baby was GYALIA, close to Chora.


"ANDROS is full of beautiful hikes to discover."

What are your top places to eat, and what is the best time of the day to eat at them?

First stop when we get at the port is Andriakon a grocery store with organic food and wine (I always buy local reiki honey for home), so the best dinners I had were the ones we cooked ourselves. I would suggest LYGIZOS for traditional-style ice cream at Chora in the afternoon, TOU JOSEF at Pitrofos, and we sometimes go to NEO BAR pizza at Chora for, well, drinks and pizza, but it's the location that makes it cozy, on a nice quiet street in a corner of Chora.

Is there anything you like to do on the island that maybe the conventional tourist wouldn’t know about?

ANDROS is full of beautiful hikes to discover.

Are there any things one should consider before visiting ANDROS?

You will most definitely need a car (some remote beaches might need a 4x4 car), it's a long distance island, and the appropriate planning of a day. In some beaches you need to be aware of the currents if you like to swim in the deep!


"I love the privacy of ANDROS; its a big island, you only bump into acquaintances on the boat and that's it, then we all spread and disappear vacationing."

Photographs by DAPHNE ILIAKI.